For an overview of academic publications, see my résumé. Many papers can be downloaded as PDF, including my PhD dissertation on the topic of computational approaches for modeling creativity. Contact me if you would like to order the book.

I have an interest in surreal fiction, particularly how ideas blend together (e.g., bistro + dinosaur).

Mecca (2005–2007) is an imaginary world in hypertext form. The narrative is collaboratively written with a group of friends; it often blends the most outlandish ideas and can be read in any order. 

Following is a collection older of essays, which I keep around for my own entertainment, co-authored with Tom Van Iersel (psychologist & designer,

  • On God, evolution and the mind (Tom De Smedt & Tom van Iersel, 2007)
    I think you would have a hard time forging a new religion out of your vision. It doesn't seem to offer much comfort or certainty... nor clarity. I don't think anyone would like your Angry Santa religion very much.
  • On consciousness and behavior (Tom Van Iersel, 2006)
    “If we accept the proposition that conscious behaviour is behaviour that you can do, by consequence you also have to accept that behaviour can only emerge in organisms that have a consciousness. But how can we know which organisms possess consciousness? Do monkeys? Do snails?”
  • On artificial creativity (Tom De Smedt, 2005)
    “Artificial creativity tries to mimic the trial-and-error process in algorithmic terms. It is an attempt to model creativity using computer programs. Artificial creativity is closely related to what is called emergence in the field of Artificial Intelligence. ”
  • On design, psychology and society (Tom Van Iersel, 2005)
    “Stuff is seen as pretty and beautiful because a group or society says so. The illusion that we have an individual opinion is quickly vaporised when we look at clothing from the 1980’s. They actually believed they looked awesome.”

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Modeling Creativity (2013) discusses emergence, generative art, creativity, natural language processing and machine learning.