Tom De Smedt. I have a PhD in Arts, a master's degree in data visualization and a bachelor's degree in software engineering. I am co-founder and CTO of the language technology company Textgain, co-founder of the Experimental Media Research Group (EMRG, St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp) and senior researcher at the Computational Linguistics Research Group (CLiPS, University of Antwerp). My research interests with over 10 years of experience include AI, machine learning, computational linguistics, computational creativity, brain-computer interfaces and cybersecurity.

Projects that may interest you:

Pattern is a web mining toolkit for Python (BSD license), including functionality for data mining, natural language processing, machine learning, graph analysis, statistics and in-browser data visualization.

NodeBox is free software that generates. 2D graphics from Python code. My work includes modules for image compositing, graphs and Bézier geometry. NodeBox for OpenGL is a hardware-accelerated implementation, based on Pyglet.

Publications that may interest you:

Tom De Smedt, Guy De Pauw & Pieter Van Ostaeyen (2018). Automatic Detection of Online Jihadist Hate Speech. CLiPS Technical Report Series
Tom De Smedt (2013). Modeling Creativity: Case Studies in Python. University Press Antwerp. ISBN 978-90-5718-260-0.
Tom De Smedt & Walter Daelemans (2012). Pattern for Python. Journal of Machine Learning Research, 13: 2063–2067. IF 2.974

Exhibitions that may interest you:

Tom De Smedt, Lieven Menschaert, Ludivine Lechat & Tim Augustynen (2012). Valence. Interieur 2012. 20–28 October 2012, Buda, Kortrijk, Belgium.